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Wing Chun

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Welcome to Koleczek Wing Chun Kune. Immerse yourself in the art of Chinese Boxing, specializing in close-quarters combat—a true “Back Alley” or “dirty fighting style.” Our approach to Wing Chun stands out as a time-honored system of self-defense, prioritizing practical self-preservation.


Wing Chun Roots – Combat Approved


Wing Chun has its roots in advanced defensive tactics & self-defense strategies. Therefore, it has evolved into a versatile combat system trusted by elite forces like the US Navy Seals, US Army Special Forces, FBI, & SWAT teams.


Get A Grip – Sticky Hands & Wooden Dummy Join Forces


Wing Chun is characterized by Chi Sau (sticky hands reflex training), the iconic wooden dummy, and simultaneous attack/defense tactics. Our school teaches the not only the physics, but also the techniques that enable smaller, weaker individuals to triumph over bigger, stronger opponents.


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Wing Chun Gor Sau

Wing Chun Classes

A Close Quarters Combat (CQC) training system that anyone can learn.

Wing Chun - Wooden Dummy

Wooden Dummy

Learn the time-honored tradition of Mook Yan Chong (the wooden dummy). The wooden dummy serves as a simulated opponent to learn applications, relative positioning, angles, and is an excellent partner for practicing techniques.

Wing Chun Gor Sau

Chi Sau (sticky hands)

Master the art of hand to hand combat (HTH) that is designed for real-world street fighting.

Embracing Nature and Affordability: Wing Chun Outdoors


In the face of rising inflation and real estate costs, affordability remains a cornerstone of our school’s philosophy. Therefore, at Koleczek Wing Chun Kune, we’ve made the conscious decision to lower our monthly fee by conducting our classes outdoors at Woodgate Park in Clearwater, Florida. Situated at 2495 Countryside Blvd (Woodgate Park), our classes take place under a shelter amidst the natural beauty of the park, providing a pleasant outdoor atmosphere for our practitioners. This strategic choice not only fosters a unique and refreshing training environment but also enables us to lower our prices making much more affordable than traditional schools.


Personal One-On-One Wing Chun Instruction


Just as important as affordability, is the emphasis on small class sizes that underscores our dedication to personalized instruction and consistent feedback from Sifu Tony. This intimate setting accelerates the learning curve for both new and seasoned students. It also fosters a supportive environment dedicated to mastering the art of Wing Chun. Join us at Woodgate Park, where affordability meets excellence in martial arts training.


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Wing Chun Schedule

Mon – Fri 9-11am, 6-8pm

Saturday – 10am-12pm

Wing Chun - Wooden Dummy


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