Sifu Zbigniew “Tony” KoĹ‚eczek

Mastering Martial Arts Across Lineages


Meet our highly respected instructor, Sifu Tony Koleczek, a martial artist of remarkable distinction. Sifu Tony holds black belts in both Wing Chun and Shotokon Karate, a testament to his multifaceted expertise in the realm of martial arts. His certification in the Ip Man Wing Chun system, conferred through the Moy Yat family lineage by illustrious Grand Master Benny Meng, reflects the depth of his lineage and the authenticity of his Wing Chun knowledge.


Expansive Martial Arts Journey


Sifu Tony Koleczek’s martial arts journey spans a wide and profound scope, enriched by teachings from esteemed Grand Masters such as Ip Chun, Ip Chik, Wong Shou Liong, Simon Lau, and Steve Lee Swift. His commitment to mastering the art of Wing Chun was recently highlighted by a triumphant performance in a wooden dummy competition, underscoring his dedication and skill in this traditional practice.


Exemplifying Excellence


Recognized with an Achievement Award for Technical Expertise, Sifu Tony is a living embodiment of excellence in martial arts. His wealth of knowledge extends far beyond personal achievements, as he generously imparts his wisdom to each student, inspiring them to strive for new heights in their martial arts journey.

Sifu Tony Koleczek’s commitment to continuous learning is evident in his certifications by the Ving Tsun Museum and Shaolin Wing Chun Federation. His pursuit of knowledge has taken him to diverse corners of the globe, including Hong Kong, China, France, and Germany, where he engaged in further studies and enriched his understanding of martial arts.


Fostering Mastery Through Mentorship


As a mentor and guide, Sifu Tony Koleczek brings a unique blend of tradition, expertise, and passion to the dojo, fostering an environment where students can not only learn the physical aspects of martial arts but also delve into its rich history and philosophy. His dedication to the art and to his students makes him a revered figure in the martial arts community, inspiring individuals to embrace the journey of self-discovery and mastery.

Sifu Tony Koleczek - Wing Chun Instructor

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