Wing Chun Evolution chart created by Grand Master Benny Meng.

Wing Chun History

Wing Chun was created during time of war between the Ching and the Ming dynastic in 1600s China. It’s a high level warrior system to counter all other systems base on maximum efficiency of time, space and energy (original Triad). Ng Mui was not a person, but a Shaolin combat theory. I am writing an article on it. Yim Wing Chun, the girl, represented the new system. Ng Nui (Shaolin 5 combat theory) gave birth to Yim Wing Chun’s fighting art (new system of maximum efficiency in combat). YWC is a secret code. Yim means to be discreet or to be secretive. Wing means to talk or praise. Chun is the word Spring which symbolize rebirth.Together the word means to be secretive and keep talking and praising about their rebirth of the Ming Dynasty. The nun symbolize the roots of Wing Chun which is Shaolin.

Southern Shaolin Temple

Wing Chun Classifications and Roots

Hong Kong / International Wing Chun Era [1950s to present] Ip Man-> Students


Futsaan / Gwongdong (Canton) / China Public Wing Chun Era [1860s to present] Yuen Kay-San, Leung Jaan, Chun Wah Shun, Cheung Bo, etc.


Futsaan / Gwongdong (Canton) / Opera Wing Chun Era [1800s to present] Red Boat Opera Members such as Wong Wah Bou, Leung Yi Daai, etc. (aka Heibaan Wing Chun), and others.


Fukien / Gwongdong (Canton) / Secret Society Wing Chun Era [late 1600s to present] Traditional Wing Chun (modern day HEY), Hung Fa Yi (Red Flag) and Fukien Wing Chun HKB/Black Flag).


A special Thank You goes out to Grandmaster Benny Meng for researching and providing the History of Wing Chun for us.


Grandmaster Benny Meng, “History of Wing Chun.” Circa May, 2012.


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